About Us

Abdul & Saj Ghafoor

Abdul & Saj Ghafoor Recieving Honorary Fellowship from University of Cumbria in 2009

Saj & Abdul have been married for over thirty years with four grown up children.

Abdul keeps busy managing the day to day running of the business and is a good cook, ready to give advice and great food ideas.

Saj is responsible for finance, admin, promotion & education

Why HDM Spice Shop?  HDM was initials of our beloved & wise old grandfather’s name. Haji Din Mohammed.  He always listened to us , even though we had to shout very loud ( hard of hearing), and he never failed to point out our failings and also our successes.  With a gurgling laugh, a nod of his head & passing comment he would let us know that he loved us very much.  He had over 50 grandchildren, and being one of the oldest, he had a      special place in his heart us.

HDM Spice Shop opened its doors on Saturday 22nd January 2005.  Two weeks after the floods devastated areas in Carlisle, including part of the area near the business.  Not exactly the start we hoped for, but we never expected it to be an easy ride.

HDM Spice Shop has developed into more than just an Asian grocery business, it has community responsibility & cultural awareness as its moral base.  As Muslims we feel that we need to participate within the community & share our culture within the community.