Carlisle Culture Bazaar

Culture Bazaar was founded By Saj Ghafoor owner of HDM Spice Shop, and developed into a vibrant annual community event. It all started when HDM Spice opened it’s doors in January 2005, when it became clear that BME people felt isolated and unwelcome because of the actions of a few. They wanted to meet people from their own backgrounds, and local people wanted the opportunity to experience culture first hand from ethnic minorities themselves living in the area.  From 125 at the first Eid Milan party we are looking at visitors near to 2000 and rising. With volunteers helping to organise it and participate in activities involving Music, Dance, Art & Food.  A truly multicultural event.

Culture Bazaar belongs to ordinary people with ordinary lives who want to make a difference to racial harmony & understanding.  Everyone is encouraged to dress up, come in saris, come in kilts, come in fun & all that represented friendship! Breaking down cultural & social barriers and promoting community cohesion.  Culture Bazaar was from 2007 to 2013, and is back bigger and better that ever!

Culture Bazaar 2018 will be on February 17th & 18th at Richard Rose Central Academy.  We are always looking for people with foreign heritages to get involved in the event and future mini events if you have the drive to organise small cultural mini events Multicultural Carlisle will be interested in supporting through promotion, venue hire and other support required, so please free to contact Multicultural Carlisle, the community volunteer group set up to bring international cultures together that live and work in Cumbria.

For more information:

Website:   Multicultural Carlisle (MCC)

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