Pakistan – Day 1

As 1st cousins before we married, Abdul and I share both our paternal heritage. Dad had 7 younger brothers, as the eldest and hierarchy of a traditional Pakitani family, he made sure that they knew it!

This uncle was 4th in line, and his nickname was DC, apparently because my dad had a type of religious peer that he followed and this peer, for fun named all the brothers with respected job titles. My dad was the Judge. Chacha Dc”s name stuck!

We hadnt slept for more than 28 hours and the heat was at over 30 degree.   Feeling tired & lethargic we had a nap before acquainting ourselves with the 7 kids that we have never seen. Being a Friday, our equivalent to Sunday, everyone was home.  I knew I should have written the kids names down, as for the life of me I could only remember 1’s  name!

Now to get a local sim and make contact with the kids and let them know we have arrived safely. One of my cousins said he had a spare sim and a weekly phone packaget would suffice for 150 rupees (£1.10). He had a second sim and I could use that. But it wasn’t a micro sim.  No problem, it was cut to size! Literally, and it worked.  Package sorted, after 8 hours, I tried video calling home. Nope! I tried whatsapping. Nope. I did manage a a phone call before  the credit finished!  Frustrating having to rely on others to explain what I want when they don’t understand as the mobiles are for calls.  I don’t know the area and the system works different here.  I must have an invisible sign saying Foreigner written all over me!

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