Pakistan – Day 2

As I said previously I had to leave my clothes behind, so I went with my cousins wives to the local shopping area. Now shopping g isn’t like the UK. Everything has a price on and you decide if you want to buy or not.Simple!

In Pakistan I love haggling! They see me Coming and somehow realise that I Am a foreigner. They assume that I have money to burn, and they try to rip me off! That makes me mad. Shopkeepers rarely let you leave without buying something!  You shop blind to cost, as even when asked, they just say not to worry, the rate will be fine.  How the he’ll does he know? I am the one paying!

Three shops took 5 hours! Tough sales tactics and don’t care if I buy it or not attitude.  An average haggle fight reduced prices by 50%. Not a bad day for bartering!

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