Pakistan -Day 3

Sim data doesn’t work properly! Need faster Web access! So went with Shkoor. My cousin came home for lunch, I demand politely to be taken to the phone shop to pick my own package. As his elder,  he dutifully obliged and I rode in on his motorcycle.  In Pakistan many women ride side saddle, but I can’t. 

I took my Pakistani ID card to get my own sim.  After several attempts the finger scanner recognised my fingerprints and job done.  Today we were going to Mamukanjan.  An hour or so drive away and the town of our ancestral home.

The only Uncle still living there passed away 8 months ago and we wanted to pay our respects to his 3 children.  Their mum had passed away 2 years ago.  Then we went to the cemetery. We have a family plot. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and my dad.  

As we drove home we stopped at the railway station for a pic.  So much has changed since I first stepped onto the platform in April 1981 aged 14 years.  My eldest sister had passed away and we had left my 2 brothers behind in the UK,  a holiday turned into 2 years, marriage and an experience that changed my perceptions of my parents, not to mention the culture shock. But an experience I would not have missed for anything.

A thought provoking day while nostalgia & memories that were funny, painful, happy, sad and much more that came flooding back.  In some respects how far we have come and in others how little we have learnt. But grounding none the less.

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