Pakistan – The journey

Abdul hasn’t been abroad for 7 years.  In that time security has changed, yes it’s a hassle, but it is their to protect everyone. I went through with no beeps.  I had packed according to info no problem. Abdul beeped, so did his bag! Trying to calm a flustered Abdul is not easy! 

“Please sir, come this way”.  “Please remove your jacket sir, empty your pockets, remove your shoes & your belt”.  After 15mins he joined me to have his bag being opened and checked.  They had picked up his corsodyl mouthwash.  Thankfully he had got a doctors letter regarding all his medication including the mouthwash.  Got through! Then trying to calm him down after he felt physically violated!  Mind you the kids had on a number of occasions instructed Abdul not to argue with security at both ends, quite emphatically!  That takes a lot of willpower for Abdul not to make a sarcastic, in your face retaliation when told what to do!  But he was obedient, seething & on the edge, but strangely complaint.  

Flight was 7 hours or so to Dubai for the connecting flight to Lahore.  Really nice 4 course meal provided by Emirates with a range of latest bollywood movies. Sorted.

 Business & first class had their own thoroghfare.  Surely they could feel the envy and hate from the majority lined up in a queue!  As we squeezed in rather like battery hens, having to walk through Business class & 1st class was not a good entry.”Here’s a view of the luxurious seats that turn into beds with TV screens twice the size of economy that you can’t have”.  If looks could kill!  Three hour wait for connecting flight. 

Landed. Passengers must have the trigger finger for the seat belt release! PEOPLE,  it’s a plane! You ain’t getting off till the doors open! Hand luggage out, standing in the gangway to stop others and get their family in front. Waiting 20 minutes while the business & 1st class passengers look as if they have all the time in the world to exit.  Hurry the hell up, you don’t have to queue!  Finally the economy passengers can move.  Then they find they are in the wrong queue because the other side is being let out first! And yes people did scramble over the seats to get out a few minutes earlier!  Only to find that young familes and disabled passengers were priority, so they had to wait anyway! The sarcastic bit of me couldn’t help but find it amusing!

Through passport control, hoping Abdul won’t make eye contact with security or answer back! Success! Porters willing to help collect baggage for a fee. For a tenner, they helped you through and advised what lay ahead before freedom.

Once through, the search us on to see a familiar face.  I don’t believe that blood is thicker than water as the saying goes. Our friends have far outweighed our family for live, support, honesty and respect.  But if I waver it was now when we saw our cousins! A wave of something just spread throughout our souls.  Our link is a genetic one yet their is an undeniable bond that is unexplainable.  They are part of who we are as people.

3hour journey to Faisalabad in a rickety old people carrier.  Comfortable but noisy.  Stopping off halfway for breakfast having arrived at 7am in the morning. Breakfast consisted of chickpea curry and a paratha. Heaven on a plate! 

Arrive at my Uncle’s house to a warm embrace. 

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