Pakistan – Check in

We were looking forward to our trip to Pakistan. It has been 7 years since Abdul has visited & nearly 10 years for me.  Abdul”s 2 nieces are getting married. Abdul only has 1 sister now. 

The journey was long and we awoke on Thursday at 3am, or truth fully Abdul woke at 3am and I didn’t have a choice!  Flight was in the afternoon so a little more sleep would have been nice.  Would have liked more than 3 weeks notice though.  

Trying to pack the traditional expectations demanded of a maternal uncle wasn’t easy.  The girls have been engaged for over two years so we have slowly being putting a trousseau together.  This included clothes,  makeup, jewellery,  perfumes, shoes, bags etc for the brides.  Then tradition dictates that we have an outfit for the brides parents and siblings and any nieces and nephews, . That’s another 20. 

The tough bit was how do we transport all the pressies? I made the ultimate sacrifice to only take 3 light outfits & 2 jazzy ones for the wedding to last over the 3 weeks. 

Our youngest & eldest offspring took us to Newcastle airport, with my daughter coming to meet us there as she is married in Newcastle.  My daughter who recently married had just started back at work so I didn’t expect her to take time off.

Funny how role reversals happen.  Along the journey, the kids were telling us to behave ourselves, support each other and not argue! As if! If Abdul wants to go all traditional, there were benefits! I will tell you later.

We got to the airport and weighed in the luggage.  11kgs too much.  Charges were an extra £23 per kilo equating to £236. Suitcases opened I began to take out contents that were not essential.  A wonan’s luggage is all essential! Not open for trivial comments and quizzical looks by offspring or husband while giving totally ridulous suggestions such as, “Do you really need those”?  Yes I flipping well do!  Anyway, deed done weighed in, baggage labeled and check in complete.

Kids like their Costa drinks so went off with their dad.  Eventually the came back and helped drag the 5 suitcases.  Needed to pop to the loo, only to find a forth child of mine sipping her frothy cup of delight! I do love surprises, and good family is hard to come by! My heart skipped a beat.  Absolutely perfect! Love em to pieces! 

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