Frozen Products

Meat Products (Shazans)

Chicken burgers (18pk)

Chicken seekh kebabs (15pk)

Micro Chicken kebabs (15pk)

Chicken nuggets (1kg)

Chicken Samosas (10pk/20pk/50pk)

Chicken sausages (18pk)

Chicken spicy wings (1kg)

Lamb Burgers (18pk)

Lamb seekh kebabs (15pk)

Micro Lamb kebabs (15pk)

Lamb sausages (18pk)

Meat Samosas (10pk/20pk/50pk)

Micro Chicken Tikka

Chicken Keema Paratha (4pk)

Lamb Keema Paratha (4pk)

Frozen Meat

Beef trotters

Chicken fillets (2pk- approx. 500g)

Lamb in curry pieces (approx. 500g)

Chicken cut in curry pieces (approx. 900g)

Lamb Stomach (2pack)

Lamb trotters

Lamb Tripe

Lamb Liver

Lamb heart

Lamb kidneys

Vegetarian products

Vegetable Samosas (10pk/20pk/50pk)

Punjabi Samosas (8pk/20pk)

Cheese Paratha (4pk)

Paratha Aloo (4pk)

Paratha Onion (6pk)

Paratha Plain (6pk)

Plain Parathas Family pack (20pk)

Chapattis wholemeal (10pk)

Masala Chapattis (6pk)

Chilli Paratha (6pk)

Spicy masala fry chips

Dal puri (10pk)

Ginger in cubes (400g)

Garlic in cubes (400g)

Frozen Vegetables (Shana)

Dudhi (300g)

Tindora (300g)

Tuvar (300g)

Karela (300g)

Turia (300g)

Methi (300g)

Okra Cut (300g)

Okra whole (300g)

Green Mango slices(400g)

Lemongrass (200g)

Frozen Fish

Papda in block

Hilsha steaks

Magur in block

King Prawns 16/20


Pangasius fillets




Ruhu steaks



Other Frozen Products

Spring Roll Pastry sheets (30/40 sheets)

Mango Kulfi Ice-cream

Pistachio Kulfi Ice-cream

Original Kulfi Ice-cream

Saj’s Curry Sauce (medium)

Saj’s Curry Sauce (Hot)

Selection of frozen Ready meals


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