The day Saj met the Queen

It was 2001, i was helping out at Brook St School , where my children went.  I offered to set up an after school magazine club, to use my new computer skills. The children would interview people, do puzzle pages etc.  Got to meet some interesting people.

The Queen was coming to Carlisle in 2002 for her golden jubilee.  I contacted Tullie House & asked if I could have 1-2 Whizz Kids reporters on site to cover her visit.  The initial reply was yes.  As discussoions developed, Tullie House offered all the 15 Whizz Kids magazine journalists to use the community room as a press room during the visit.

The press room wasnt on the list of stops for her, unless she came in of her own volition. As she walked near, she decided to come in, my heart was thumping at 100 miles an hour!  I could not remember what i was told about how to address her.  I can remember thinking that i was clashing with her outfit.  She came up to me and shook my hand, asked questions about what the press room was doing.  She was shorter that i expected, but she seemed to be genuinely interested.  It all seemed so surreal.  It was most definitly a highlight in my life.  Another one would be when i had dinner with a man who told me that he was experimenting with making banana cake for his daughter’s wedding.  Turned out to be the Archbishop of York! That story can keep for another day!

Saj Ghafoor

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